Sunday, May 12, 2013

Unseen Rajasthan Paranormal - Limited Edition - The Journey Ends Here...

                       Shri Albeli Sharan Ji Maharaj - My Spiritual Guru

Dear Brothers, Sister, Friends, Colleagues And Partners,

Thank you all for your Care and Respect that you gave to me during my association with this Blog and i truly can't express that how much your Emails, Messages And Letters bought me closer to you and today i am really very sad to announce that this is the last post of our Blog Unseen Rajasthan Paranormal - Limited Edition.

Started 4 years back but i never thought that through this Blog i would be connecting to so many people and could help them in some of the other ways. But your trust on me and Grace of My Guru Ji gave me the strength to understand, feel and sense your problems and giving the solution.Here i would mention that not all the problems were solved neither all human's in pain got relief but i would like to tell you that during these 4 years i got 14,411 Emails and this shows that how lucky i am that you all trusted me and shared your problems with me. As i always say that neither I am God nor i am a Super Human i am just a normal person like you are and i just gave a try to it and i personally feel that whatever efforts i did for the mankind were quite fruitful to me.

I learnt all the activities but i never implemented or used the same because i am taught by my Guru Ji that no matter how much a person does worst to you never do the same in return because ill effects can be removed only by positive energy and nothing else. Positive energy is the only power that will keep you safe of all the problems in life but people sometimes due to their nature want fast results and go for other unethical practices which harm them only in near future.People go to different types of people to get their problems solved and are told some really short ways to overcome the problem but please understand your shortcut sometimes may never put you on a highway and you will keep on turning round and round to the very same place.To the best of my experience i can share that Sawtik Pooja is a lengthy process but a permanent solution wherein Tantrik one is short termed and will surely impact your negatively.Do understand that sometimes the night is too long but that doesn't means that Sun will never shine, it will definitely shine and remove all the darkness but we don't understand. People visit different persons, temples and many other places to seek the solution but i feel that solution is with you only and no one else can get you relief then yourself.I would like to share my own life incident with you people just to make you understand the concept: " Since child hood i was blessed with some energy and by the time i grew up it was on the top edge and since then i started to find Guru's and made Three Guru's i.e. Mantra Guru, Tantra Guru and Satwik Guru and i started learning and due to dedication and hard work i learnt the things quickly or you can also say that my selection of Guru's was truly fantastic and they blessed me with their arts. There is also one thing that i knew that a person who know such stuff can't help himself or people in his Blood relationship. Apart from this learning i started my career and worked for many MNC's like Mc Donalds, Airtel, Tata Sky, Hindustan Unilever and Reliance and finally in years 2008 i gave a break to my Career and started business.For few months my business was excellent and i really enjoyed it but all of a sudden in the mid of 2008 situations got worst, i almost lost everything. Apart from my Mother and a Home i had nothing with me, i was completely finished but i didn't lost the hope and kept on doing my regular pooja which is not complicated at all, i simply Chant Guru Mala and  Gupta Gayatri and even during the worst phase of my life i never requested God to help me because my Guru's taught me that  what is pre dediced will happen for sure and you can never go against the will of God and during that phase as i was having no Job no business so i used to spent a lot of my time alone at a fort and one day i met a person who himself came to me and said that you are effected by Black Magic and your Business is tied up and that's why you are sitting here. It was surprising for me too because that guy didn't knew that i am a business man and after this he left. At that time for a moment my mind got stunned but i managed and went to home and next day when i performed Pooja i just requested God to bless the person who did it and trust me i didn't asked even my Guru's to take me out of the situation even when i got the confirmation that this negative energy is impacting me and i would like to tell you that same continued for 3 Years. I just kept trust on my God and Good Karma's and after 3 years i.e. in 2011 again i met a Baba by chance and he said to me that from today you are free and told me that never look back in your life again and before i could ask him anything else he moved and i knew this that Saint's should never be called from back. Just 3 days later i don't know from where the energy came into me and i entered into the same business again and results were fantastic and i recovered my past position and settled everything in my life again. Now let me tell you who were the two persons, they were my Guru's only, my True Guru's. As mentioned above i never shared any of my professional problems with my Guru's but they are True Master's and they were the only one who came and show me the path. They already knew that this is what is going to happen with me but as mentioned everything is pre decided so they could not help me but during the worst phase of my life they saved me from many difficulties too. During that period only i thought that what can be done to help the human's you are totally unaware about such things and who are interested in knowing our Divine Spirituality and from there this Blog was formed.

Today on one side i am very sad that this is my last article but on the other side i am happy too that many of you must be keeping me in yours prayers till date. I am very proud to share this Unseen Rajasthan Paranormal Blog has not charged even a single penny from any of the person who has asked for the help because spirituality is always gifted and is never sold and i feel very happy that my thoughts and knowledge could be of some help to you.

My message to all my Blog Followers and Readers is just to keep Faith on your Guru's and Karma's. Nothing is beyond Good Karma's and no negative energy is strong enough to harm if you are dedicated and committed towards your Karma's and good Deeds.

From today i won't post any more articles neither i will respond to anymore emails but i will keep on checking the Blog and apart from prayers now i can't give anything else. If you have any problems and you want me to help you then please just Write your Name in the comment Box along with the Message Jai Shri Ram, i won't ask your problem but i with your name only pray to God to take you out of the situation and bless you with wonderful life.

Once again my best Wishes are with you now and always. Both new and existing readers if you liked my articles and if could have made your happy even for a single reason then just say Jai Shri Ram to me with your name in the comment Box.

Iti Shubham.

Bharat Kshatriya......................The Journey is Over............