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Mahamrityunjaya Mantra- Meaning,Benefits and Advanteges

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra- Meaning,Benefits and Advantages

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is one among the finest Mantra's in Indian Mythology and Spirituality belongs to Lord Shiva.It is a combination of three hindi language words i.e. "Maha" which means Great , "Mrityun" means Death and "Jaya" means Victory which turns into Conquer or victory over death. It is also known as "Rudra Mantra" or "Trayambakam Mantra". Rudra refers to Lord Shiva.

The Great Mantra is : Om Trayambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam,
Urvarukmiv Bandhanat, Mrityurmokshaya Mamratat.

Hindi : त्रयम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् म्रुत्योर्मुक्षिय मामृतात् ॥

Meaning of Mantra:

Trayambakam : One who has three eyes. Lord Shiva is the only one who have it.

Yajamahe: One who is prayed or worshiped.

Sugandhim: Good Smell.

Pushti: Prosperous, Fulfilled.

Vardhanam: One who makes happy, prosperous, gives peace of mind and takes care about you.

Urvarukmiv: Like it or no one else.

Bandhanat: Associated or bonding.

Mrityur- From Death.

Mokshaya: Free us or send us heaven.

Ma: Not

Amritat: Immortal.

Over all meaning of entire Mantra is :We concentrate on our third eye which lies behind the two eyes and this gives us the power to feel you and by this we feel happy,satisfied and peace in life. We know immortality is not possible but some extension can be given to our death by your powers Lord Shiva.

This Mantra has a great utility and has been a successful mantra for those who are suffering from some sever disease or having the fear of sudden death. This mantra has a highest form of energy as it also denotes Gayatri mantra and when it is chanted a person can really feel energy making heavy movements in his body.

There are basically two ways of using this Mantra.

A) A person can either chant 108 Mantra's or a Mala daily. 108 is important because it has a great mathematical calculation. 108 is the multiplication sum of 12 and 9. 12 here refers to Zodiac Signs and 9 refers to planets. When a human chants this Mantra for 108 times all his planets and zodiac signs instead or making ups and downs in life come on track and stay calm and because of their changed nature human life settles again.

B) When a person is scared of unnatural death or serious disease he has to get the Pooja done by a priest and the priest later on does a pooja in Lord Shiva temple and chant one hundred thousand mantras to benefit the person who has arranged for the pooja.

Apart from the above two ways if a person lacks time but wants to get the benefit of the Mantra then he must go to Lord Shiva Temple daily and must pour water on Shiv Ling and chant the Mantra for just five times. It would be great if you can also put "Bilva Patra" on the Shiv Ling and the pour the Water. Thats a surety that within 15 days starting from Monday a person will start getting rid of certain mental and physical troubles.

This mantra can be chanted anytime day or night even when you are about to sleep and this is very effective too. This is not only for saving life but also a great mantra for concentration and mental peace. A person must concentrate on his third eye position and chant this and slowly and gradually he will start feeling the positive energy in his third eye.

In the beginning concentrating on the third eye would be painful because you mind will not be able to resist the pain but with practice you can really do it well and lately everything you do will be successful as your third eye will show you everything in advance.

"Om Namah Shivaya:

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Kumbh Vivah - An Indian Ritual For Manglik Dosh

Kumbh Vivah- Indian Ritual For Manglik Dosh

India, a country where Spirituality is at the top of everything and every problem has a Spiritual solution. Kumbh Vivah is one of the most amazing ritual performed in Indian spirituality which has a wider concept and has an amazing impact on Human Life who are effected by Manglik Dosh.

Kumbh Vivah is a combination of two Sanskrit words Kumbh which means Mud Pot and Vivah means Wedding in English.

Kumbh Vivah is a process which is used when a human has a Manglik or Double Manglik Dosh in his horoscope. Mangalik Dosh is a kind of error in horoscope which effects after the wedding only.Mangal Dosh is a dosh which shows its true colors after the wedding.

Manglik Dosh is of two types:

A) Anshik Manglik( Little Manglik)
This dosh generally ends after 18 years of age and can also be resolved by Puja or some rituals. This doesn't effects too much but still suggested that Shanti puja must be performed so that it may vanish for ever.

Few examples of Anshik Manglik Dosh are :

A)After wedding major health issues.
B)Small disputes between bride and groom.
C)Delivery issues of baby.
D)Tensions in family.

B) Major Manglik Dosh:
This is highly negative in nature and has some deadly impacts on married life.If a human gets married to another with Manglik dosh then the Manglik Dosh of partner will surely effect other's life.It has a single solution which is known as "Kumbh Vivah". This is the only way which can end this Dosh and may give prosperity to both Bride and Groom even if one has Major Manglik Dosh.

Few examples of Major Manglik Dosh are:

A) Serious Relationship Issues after wedding.
B) Death of husband.
C) Death of Wife.
D)Major Accident.
E)Major Disease.

Kumbh Vivah is just like a normal wedding. For example if a girl has a Manglik Dosh then she has to perform this ritual. Everything would be like the real wedding. Girl has to wear the wedding dress and jewelery along with a thread. Parents do "Kanya Daan" and "Phere" are also taken with the Mud pot. Priest has to be invited to chant the Mantra's and end up everything like a real human wedding. Later on the girl has to change the clothes, remove the thread and that thread is tied over the Mud pot and the pot later on is drown in some river or pond without letting some one know. Once the Ritual is done the girl is out of Manglik Dosh and she can now merry to the actual person and will not be having any further issues after wedding.Her husband is now safe from her Mangal Dosh.

Pot here plays the role of first husband of girl and hence it is a non living thing so as per the Indian Mythology this becomes null and void and the wedding with the Human is considered as her first wedding. Pot has taken all the Dosh or troubles of the Girl and hence the Mangal will not effect the other person anymore.

This Ritual is amazing in its own and i have seen many people who has got the benefit out of it.

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Shani,Shani Dasha,Shani Dhaiya,Shani Planet-Meaning,Myths,Concepts and Facts Explanation.

Planet Shani-Myths and Explanation :

Today in whole World people are having different opinions,myths and many false statements about Lord Shani.Most of the people resemble lord Shani as Cruel,Anger Full and a God who never benefits the humans.People worship Lord Shani only when they are surrounded by "Sadhe Sati" which means 7.5 years,"Shani Ka Dhaiya which means 2.5 years ","Unfavorable Shani Maha Dasha" ,"Dasha" and pains.

My personal experience says that Lord Shani is the God of Justice And is Chief Justice in the Human Life Court .He always provides the justice according to our "Karma's".Lord Shani is treated as "Rudra Avtar" of Lord Shiva and the way Lord Shiva gets angry and immediately show love and care the same way Lord Shani is also caring and loving and believes in giving instant results.

Today Human is so busy that neither he can keep regular fast nor worship God for many hours.But in Kalyug if a person worships Lord Shani with his true feelings then all his wishes will come true and he will be prosperous.

In All the nine planets Lord Shani or Planet Saturn keeps an important significance in life of every human.It impacts human life most commonly.When we will read about Lord Shani in Granth's then we will find that the books are full of Shani Mahima.You will come to know that Lord Shani not only provide justice to Human's but also to all the God's.Even Lord Shiva had to go through his phase.Just because he loves justice people has started treating him Cruel and bad.People don't like to keep their photos in their home temple neither the artisans make Shani Statues.This is not right ethically.

Lord Shani gives peace,prosperity and justice to everyone.Lord Shani make people fearless and see the irony one who make everyone fearless becomes bad for those people only.

Introduction to Lord Shani or Planet Saturn:

Father's Name: Lord Surya Or Sun.

Mother's Name: Chhaya Or Suvarna.

Brother's Name: Lord Yam Raj

Sister's Name: Yamuna

Guru Or Teacher: Lord Shiva

Gotra or Co Caste: Kashyap

Hobbies: Spirituality,Law,Politics.

Place Of Birth: Saurashtra Or Hind.

Color: Shyam Or Little Black.

Nature: Stubborn,Serious,Saint,Angry.

Other Names: Konastha,Pingal,Bbharu,Sauri,Shanischar,Krishanmand,Raudra,Antak,Yam.

Best Friends: Lord Kal Bhairav,Lord Hanuman,Planet Budh or Mercury,Lord Rahu.

Best Zodiac or Rashi: Kumbh(Aquarius) or Makar(Capricon).

Owner At: Night

Field Of Work: Justice To Human's as per their Karma's.

Favorite Day: Saturday,Tuesday and Tithi Amawasya.


Stone:Neelam(Blue Sapphire).

Favorite Stuff: Black Things and Black Clothes,Oil,Sugarcane,Sour Stuff.

Favorite Dhatu: Iron and Ispat.

Favorite Business: Iron,Cement,Coal,Factory, Petroleum,Transport,Medical,Press,Hardware.

Disease Due to Lord Shani: Cancer,Sugar,Kidney, Leprosy,Mental,Blood Cancer,Skin Disease.

Solution to Disease:On Saturday evening or night make offerings to some poor,needy or Old person the favorite things of Lord Shani.

Effect or Prabhav:7.5 Years.

Mahadasha:19 Years.

Famous Temples:Shri Shingnapur Shani Dev-Maharashtra
KokilaVan Vrindavan Shani Dev Mandir
Shri Shakti Peeth Shani Dham Trust-Delhi and Pali,Rajasthan.

Lord Shani-Chief Justice of Planet Earth:

For the smooth functioning of the universe God has dedicated different departments to endless powers.Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Urenus,Neptune,Saturn,Pluto,Rahu and Ketu .To say there are nine major powers who control the Human Life and provides them prosperity or pain according to their Karma's.Out of All those eight are Magistrate and One is Chief Justice which is names as "Lord Shani or Saturn".

Lord Shiva gave the responsibility of human accounts to Yam Raj and responsibility of Punishment is given to Lord Shani.Lord Shani respected the words of his teacher Lord Shiva and is dedicated towards his responsibility and gives renumeration according to the Karma's of a human.If a person is doing welfare of the society then he will be blessed by him and if he is doing inhuman acts then he will be punished.

How Lord Shani Originated:

According to the religious books Lord Shani were the son of second wife of Lord Sun.Due to dark color of Lord Shani , Lord Sun told her wife that he is not my son.From that day only Lord Shani has feeling of enemy for his father Lord Sun.Lord Shani worshiped Lord Shiva and gained as much powers as Lord Sun.Lord Shiva laster asked him to take a wish to which Lord Shani replied that its my mother's wish that i should be more powerful than Lord Sun and must take revenge from Lord Sun.To this Lord Shiva agreed and granted him the wish that you will remain above of all the Nine Planets.Not only Humans but also even God's will be afraid of your name.

Why Lord Shani Walks So Slow?

Planet Saturn takes complete 30 years to take a round of Sun which is very slow.There is a reason behind this too.Once upon a time Lord Shani punished a Big Saint due to which he expired.Wife of the Saint used to cry always.One day his son asked her that mother why you weep whole day.Name of son was Piplad(He used to eat fruit of Pipal tree only).To which she replied that your father died because of Lord Shani.To this Piplad got angry and started worshiping Lord Brahma and took "Brahma Dand" from him.Later on he challenged Lord Shani and when Lord Shani came he ordered his "Brahma Dand" to break his legs so that he cannot enter life of anyone.Then Lord Hanuman came and requested Piplad to forgive him and Piplad did that.From that day Lord Shani is having pain and problem in his legs and thus they walk slowly.

Why Lord Shani never hurts the Bhakt's of Lord Hanuman and Ram?

Once upon a time Lord Hanuman was deeply involved in bhajan of Lord Ram.At the same time Lord Shani came and challenged Lord Hanuman to fight with him.That was the time of Lord Hanuman to take round of Ram Setu.He requested Lord Shani to please let him go but Lors Shani Didn't agree.To this Lord Hanuman tied Lord Shani in his tail and started the round of Ram Setu.Due to this Lord Shani got badly hurt and blood started coming out of this body because of the wounds.Lord Shani tried his level best to get himself free of the tail but he could not.When Lord Hanuman completed his round he said to Lord Shani that i will make you free only on one condition that any person who will take my or my Lord's name you will not harm him in any ways.To this Lord Shani agreed and got free.From that day due to heavy and irresistible pain Lord Shani started asking for Oil to less the pain and one who gives him oil in a ways gives him comfort and this ways he does good.From that day Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman are best Friends.

Another instance is from Ramayana.Ravana controlled all the 9 planets including Lord Shani and imprisoned all of them.Ravana was very powerful and he especially punished Lord Shani by hanging him by his legs.Lord Hanuman went to Lanka in search of Mata Sita and there he saw Lord Shani in bad condition and Lord Hanuman later on made him free from the cage of Ravana.From that day Lord Shani never give pains to any person who chants Ram Naam or Hanuman.Later on Ravana died due to the effect of Lord Shani in the form of Lord Shri Ram.

Symptoms of Arrival of Lord Shani:

A)If you are living a comfortable life and all of a sudden you start feeling regular resistible pain in your head,you heart starts thinking that life is useless,your anger increases,you started fighting on small issues with your family or friends then be cautious.This states that Lord Shani is about to enter your life.During this time Shani Shanti Pooja is necessary.

B)Your wife is although good but all of a sudden she starts hitting kids and starts screaming daily then be sure that Lord Shani has arrived.

C)No matter Male or Female a person loses mental ability which in other words the power of decision or right or wrong and anger increases.Effect of Lord Shani captures mind.Creates Rivalry among many persons in your life.Person becomes very demotivating and doesn't likes to work.

D)Many times a person is occupied by the worst diseases and he becomes ill for many days or years and the disease too is not quick healing.

E)During the phase problems occurs in life of married people and they are ready to take divorce even.For this Shani Shanti is necessary.

F)Due to the effect of Lord Shani many times it has been noticed that a person becomes bankrupt.

G)Due to arrival of Lord Shani in one's Zodiac many times it has been noticed that Palm Lines starts becoming black.This clearly states that Lord Shani has entered your Zodiac.

H)Many times the whole Palm becomes light black and especially the nails becomes black.The luck line and Shani Parvat looks negative,This clearly means that all of your new assignments will fail and also a person becomes restless during the period.

I)Even symptoms appear on face and eyes also.Dark circles under the eyes are the symptom of his sure arrival.A person's hunger dies and that person is always depressed with pain in his head.

J)Sometimes someone near or dear one dies also after a long span of disease.

How to make Lord Shani Happy or make his effect Less:

Although in life of every human Lord Shani enter atleast once.No one can actually stop him but there are some ways to make him happy so that his pressure of effect becomes a bit less.There are many ways but those ways are now a days not possible for human's due to their busy life schedule but still if some one wishes to know then do mail be back.Otherwise some most common but very effective ways are as follows:

A)Light a Diya Full of Oil on Saturday and dedicate it to Pipal Tree.

B)Pour a mug full of water in Pipal tree on Saturday.

C)Give a Roti with butter milk or oil in it with Gud to a black Dog.

D)Feed a Black Cow.

E)Worship Lord Ram with true heart.

These are some very easy ways to make Lord Shani happy.

Shani Paya's or Corner's:

Basically there are four Corner's or Paya's.They are :

Lord Shani enters may enter any Corner or paya.

When Lord Shani enters the Iron Praya , all wealth and money goes away.

When Lord Shani enters Bronze a person becomes satisfied.

When Lord Shani enters Silver it is very prosperous and good.

When Lord Shani enters in Gold a person becomes very wealthy,healthy ,wise and prosperous.

Shani Mantra:


"Om Pram Prim Prom Sah Sanishcharaya Namah"

Start from any Saturday and chant it 23000 times in 21 days and see the positive effect in your life.

I would request all the readers to please understand that if Lord Shani will not punish us then this earth will be full of sinners and there would be no peace and prosperity on Earth.

Also daily chanting of Shani Chalisa and Shani Aarti is highly effective

If any one has any queries please write me back and i would be more than happy to assist you.


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Bajrang Baan - Meaning,Concept and Disadvantages.

"Jai Shri Ram"
Bajrang Baan:

I have seen and met many people who say that we chant "Bajrang Baan " and also i have got many cases where people say the even after reading the "Bajrang Ban" we are not getting the long term results and peace of mind.Many even say that if its a God's Mantra then why it doesn't gives us satisfaction? Why we are bounded by so many problems ? Just to make every one aware about the true meaning of Bajrang Baan its true meaning and details today i am writing this post.Hope this post will benefit you in some ways.

Meaning of Bajrang Baan :
"Bajrang Baan " is a combination of three words i.e. "Vajra + Ang+Baan" which means :

A)Vajra:-The Fighting instrument of Lord Indra which never fails and is very powerful.
B)Ang:- It is referred to the part of Body.

So, from the meaning of words we can easily understand that it means Mantra's which go as fast as Arrow and achieves the desired aim and will not be deviated from the path and gives you the surety of hitting the aim.

"Concept of Bajrang Baan":-

"Bajrang Baan" is considered as a powerful Satwik Mantra but most of the people are unaware about the fact the it is a "Tantrik Mantra".Any Mantra in which any God is bounded by giving them the swear of their Master or Lord becomes a "Tantrik Mantra".Most of the people chant the Mantra's but never try to understand their meaning and this results in problems because every Mantra has got some rules.Thus it is very important to understand that whatever the Mantra's we are chanting are whether "Satwik Mantra" or "Tantrik Mantra".

"Bajrang Baan" is one of the most harmful and dangerous mantra in Indian Mythology.As every one knows that "Lord Hanuman" dedicated his complete life in worshiping "Lord Rama" and he could do any thing for him.In Bajrang Baan , Lord Hanuman is given the Swear of Lord Rama.This Mantra clearly states that Lord Hanuman you will have to do my work otherwise the swear will be breaked.The Lines are "Inhe Maru tohe Saphat Ram Ki,Rakhu Naam Marjad Naam Ki".Hanuman Ji can never hear this even as this is like killing their own parents and no body would like to see them dead.

So whenever Bajrang Baan is read Lord Hanuman becomes more angry.As you have forced them by bounding them with the Swears results will come out but the results are not long lasting.Once your work will be done you will not be in a position to read it continuously because of anything,busyness or some other issues and the day you stopped it you will be in trouble.From that day problems will surround you.

It is always evident that if we are forced to do something we will not do it from hear and later on results into problems.If this is applicable with the human's then "Lord Hanuman" is God.

Please understand that if someone is going through the bad phase of life then he or she should not challenge the luck by chanting or reading such Mantra's.This can be proved better with an example like It is in your destiny that you will be in trouble for 1 year and during that period you read Bajrang Baan for 2 months.Those 2 months will be bit comfortable for you but that doesn't means that your 2 months will be deducted out of the year.Those 2 months of the comfort would be added in the year and this ways you will have to complete your trouble period of 12 months which later on becomes 14 months.

Disadvantages of Reading Bajrang Baan:

A)Bajrang Baan gets the work done but later on creates big issues.
B)A Person becomes confuses and senseless.
C)A Person becomes irritating and likes to stay alone.
D)All the work after few days gets reversed .
E)Business or Job Loss.
F)A Person becomes mentally unstable.
G)Highly demotivated.
H)Right Decision making power ends.

Solution:If somebody read it by mistake:

To every problem there is a solution and God's always give a change to rectify our mistakes.So all those who are reading it are suggested to avoid it with immediate effect and worhship Lord Hanuman and apologize for the mistake you did.Offer him "Gud" and "Chane" and say that "Lord please forgive us for the sin that we did,we were not aware that reading "Bajrang Baan" hurts and pains you.I was unaware of the fact and thus did it.Now when i got to know about it i will never read it again.Please shower your blessings on me and give me the strength to pass the bad phase of my life"You just need to pray this and just see the difference.Once you will stop reading it you would be more comfortable and relaxed.

Where the Mistake is Done:

I would not blame any person for reading it because whatever is written or told to us we believe in that.In most of the books like Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Asthak you will find Bajrang Baan and thus in the flow you read that too wherein it should not be read.Girls and Ladies should not even read "Sundar Kand " and "Bajrang Baan".It is banned for them.

I would just suggest everyone to avoid reading it and also please tell as many as people you can about not reading Bajrang Baan.More you would communicate this more you will be happy as you are providing comfort to God and also saving the human being from doing a Sin.

Instead of reading Bajrang Baan if somebody will chant "Siya Ram" 5 times than that would be more effective than any other Mantra as Lord Hanuman is behind "Raam Naam" and if you are taking the name of "Raam" then Lord Hanuman would be happy without any efforts.

Jai Shri Ram.


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Pitra-Pitra Dosh-Meaning,Concept,Pitra Dosh Nivaran and Explanation.

Who is Pitra? What is Pitra Dosh ? What Pitra do ? Why are they worshiped ?These are some questions which most of the people wanted to know.There are many explanations given by many people but still clarity is in doubt.To reveal the truth today i am sharing the real information that will clear all the doubts about Pitra and Pitra Dosh.Hope this will benefit you in someways.

Meaning of "Pitra":

"Pitra" is referred to our ancestors or family members who are dead.Pitra are between God and Us.If we have Pitra at our home and we are not worshiping them then we cannot make God happy but if we make Pitra happy then it is not hard to make God happy.Pitra are as great as and equivalent to God.Pitra are very powerful and believe in give and take rule.If the Pitra are happy then there would be no problem in life but if they are not happy then life is full of issues and problems.This is applicable only in the case if Pitra in a family exists.It is not necessary that every family have Pitra.Pitra is a milestone and God is the ultimate destination.Before the starting of any "Shubh Karya" or assignment it is necessary to worship them.In case if they are not worshiped or provided with the stuff which is dedicated to God then that work will never be successful.It has been seen in many cases that "Pitra" enter in body of some of the family member and show their anger by saying in local language "Mane Tal Diyo" which means you ignored me.Later on after apology and worshiping they bless and then the work starts.

Who become "Pitra":

There are many Myths about Pitra and many people don't even know about Pitra.Coming to the point now all those family member who die unexpectedly i.e. in accident,disease or die with some wish unfulfilled become Pitra.It is not necessary that all become Pitra but most of them surely are.Pitra is a "Yoni" and they are between Human and God or in other words we can say that they are the mediators.Every family has its own Pitra and only those family members can worship them for fruitful results.After death if the dead one goes in Pitra Yoni that means he needs to be worshiped for lifetime.Pitra never goes in heaven or hell they have their own category and they are associated with their family till the dynasty exists.There are many cases in which people die unexpectedly but they don't become Pitra, this is because they don't want any kind of support from their family after death and dissolve them self in God.

Types of "Pitra":

There are basically two type classification of "Pitra::

A)Shant Pitra:These are those who become Pitra after death but are out of the Human issues.They believe in God and doesn't mind if they are worshiped or not.If a family has this kind of Pitra then it is not necessary for them to worship.These Pitra are happy in both the cases if treated with respect or not.They don't have any connection with their family members in this case.God is the final judge of the family.God has the direct powers to work for that person. These Pitra are involved into "Bhajans" and "Satsang" and after staying some time in "Pitra Yoni" they go to "Amar Lok Dham" which is heaven where they meet other saints and stay in peace there.

B)Ashant Pitra:These are those who are dead but are still stucked with their family emotionally.They want the same respect and care as the other family members get.They are very angry by nature, although they don't harm the family very much but yes problems like money,disease or illness keeps on coming.They want their food and respect on time.They are very effective in giving results and once happy can get you fastest results.Even impossible work for them is not hard.They can change the luck even.

Power's of "Pitra":

A)Pitra are the key to family success.
B)Pitra are essential part of family even after death.
C)Pitra can save us from many unexpected issues.
D)Pitra make environment positive and energetic.
E)Pitra makes work successful.
F)Pitra helps in getting success.
G)Pitra provides peace and prosperity.

Disadvantages of not worshiping "Pitra":

A)Pitra's if not happy will lead to unsuccessful life.
B)Life is not peaceful.
C)Business of Job issues.
D)Family tensions.
E)Small kids are most of times are ill.
F)Lack of money.
G)All new assignments fails.

No matter how much a person worship God but if he as Pitra and family doesn't worship then even the God is not in a state to help.This is because God has given the equivalent status to Pitra's.

If Pitra's are the ancestor's then why they create problems for their off springs after death?:

This question is very common and most of the people ask that if Pitra are our family members and were loved by us and vice versa then why after death they create problems in life of their living family members? The answer to this is that every one on this earth wants respect and timely food.If these two things are there then a person becomes happy and work more efficiently.Same is applicable with Pitra also.As "Pitra" is a "Yoni" just like we people are in "Manuyshya Yoni".The way we deserve respect and food on time the same way Pitra also want the same things from their family members.Although they are not alive but they want their stuff well on time.They live the same way we live but the only difference is the place.We live on earth and they in "Pitra Lok".If they are happy then family will be surely happy.

What is "Pitra Bhog":

The food which is dedicated to "Pitra" is known as "Pitra Bhog".They generally accept sweet especially "Kheer"(Rice Boiled in Milk with Sugar) a traditional Indian Sweet Dish.

How "Pitra Bhog" is dedicated?

A Person needs to burn a piece of dry cow dung and then take it to place where they want to dedicate them their stuff.After putting the burning cow dung at the desired place take some pure water in palm and move it around the burning cow dung.This will make the place Holy and then some "Kheer" is poured over the burning cow dung and simultaneously the family members should join hands and by remembering the "Pitra" by his name should say that please accept your food and bless us.

When the "Pitra Bhog" is given?:

This is given once in a month during "Amawas" or "Amawasya" or "Full Black Night" in English.Pitra accept their stuff only once in a month.

Identifying the "Pitra":

Many people say that we think we have Pitra but we are not sure and we would like to know them.The solution to this is very simple.There are commonly three ways to identify the Pitra:

A)Read 11th Chapter of "Shri Mad Bhagvat Gita" and with in 2-3 days the Pitra will give you a show in the dream.And also you will remember your dream and then you can start worshiping them.

B)Before sleeping wash your hands and legs remember God and pray that "Who so ever is my Pitra please come in my dream and make me aware of you as i am unable to recognize you"They may come in any form like cockroach,snake or in any other getup.The only problem is that they will not reveal their identity you need to understand them or you can consult some Pandit for more details.

C)This is the most efficient way to know their existence. If you have any work which is in doubt that will happen or not assign to Pitra and mention them that if you really exist then make this work successful and if it happens then i will worship you and will accept your presence in my family.Pitra if there will definitely make the work positive and then you can identify them.

What is "Pitra Dosh"?

Those families who have Pitra but they don't believe in them become the victim of "Pitra Dosh".It refers to the problems that arises because of the non compliance.Pitra are sad and not showering their blessings turn into Pitra Dosh.

"Pitro Ki Patdi":

Like every God , Pitra have their own special "Yantra" or "Instrument" which is known as "Pitro Ki Patdi".This is designed and dedicated as per the convenience of Pitra and is kept in temple or wore in neck.This is very helpful and powerful.This Yantra give quick results and generally those people use it who couldn't identify their Pitra for some time and during that time their Pitra were hungry.

Pitra are kind enough and easy to make happy.They just need care ,respect and on time food that too in a month.If dedicated and worshiped then nothing is impossible and success is in hand.

There are 6 kinds of tarpan

1) Devtarpan

2) Rishitarpan

3) Divyamanavtarpan

4) Divyapitratarpan

5) Yamtarpan

6) Manushyapitratarpan

Mantra to be recited at the time of tarpan is-

Om ye bandhava abandhva va yenya janmani bandhva ,Te sarve triptimayantu maddattenambuna swadha ||

This process may make simply amazing changes in your life.

That's all for today in "Pitra".

In case of any issues please feel free to mail me.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Worshipping God-The Proper Way and Format of PUJA

Indian Mythology has a vast scope and due to non availability of correct sources and knowledge we are loosing control on our culture and traditions.We are running behind western culture and are forgetting our Indian pattern.

We always complaint that we pray a lot to God but he doesn't listen to us and does not give us results.The answer to this is that we are fault.We don't know the correct way of praying and worshiping God.

Indian culture is very easy to learn but is very hard to adopt.There is a specific guideline for every Puja.Mantra's are very powerful but only in the case if they are chanted with proper procedure.Today i will share the proper way of performing Puja that will give you quick result and moreover the eternal peace which everyone searches for.

This way is applicable for both when we visit a temple or worship someone specific.

Step 1:Just after entering the Temple buzz the Bell or Ghanta and then introduce yourself to God like "Hey Bhagwan or God I am (Name) Son/Daughter of (Parents Name) Caste or Gotra (Name) Niwasi or Address(Residential Address) on Date (Date and Time) has come to your Temple and as you are omnipresent you are aware of my problems so please bless me and kindly acknowledge my arrival.

Most of us think that God knows everything but take it on ourself and think that if someone enters our home without our permission that how we will feel.But if the same person presses the bell and introduces you then we welcome him.Same thing is applicable with God also.

Step 2:After Step-1 sit of Red Aasan(Cloth) .Red Aasan gives concentration and quicker results.Please DONOT use Black Aasan otherwise you will not be getting the proper results and will start thinking about sexual stuff during that time.This increases your Sex Buds and takes you away from the correct path.

Step 3:Remember Lord Ganesha and then your Kul Devi or Devta or Family God.Request them to give you the favorable results.

Step 4:Whatever mantra's you want to chant apply OM before them as OM consists of all the powers and this ways you are giving respect to all the Gods.OM is the originator of everything so just praying or chanting OM gives satisfaction to all the powers.

Step 5:Once you are finished with your Mantra's don't stand up instead touch the Aasan three times and request it to give you the benefit of the prayers and chanting or punya.This activity is done to stop Lord Indra to take the benefit of your prayer.If you will not do it then Lord Indra will take away the benefit of prayer and whatever the prayers you have done will be of now use,

Must Remember:
A)Always Use Red Aasana(Cloth) for sitting.
B)Black Aasana should not be used.
C)Dhoop or scent sticks and Deepak should be compulsorily there.
D)You should have complete trust on the God you are worshiping.

Remember If a person is worshiping the God in the way mentioned above he will attain the highest level of satisfaction in Life.

I wanted to share this because most of us are unaware about this thing and i don't want that our culture and religion's should vanish.Our ancestors has really worked hared to gather such information and we cannot let it vanish this ways.Please share this with as many as people you can to get the maximum benefit.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indian Paranormal Powers-Meaning and Explanation Of Tantra

Meaning of Tantra:

Tantra is basically meaning of two words i.e. "Tattva" and "Mantra" .Tattva refers to science of cosmic principles wherein "Mantra: refers to science of mystic sounds and vibrations.Tantra is basically a science which spreads the light of knowledge.Tantra is a joint result of "Mantra" and "Yantra".The person who performs this art is known as "Tantrik".

Tantra has always been considered in wrong manner and most of the people think that Tantra is performed for inhuman activities wherein the core of the fact is that that Tantra is the most powerful way to get the work done.The conception of the people about the Tantra is not clear.Tantra is one of the most oldest tradition of Indian culture and is derived from the "Vedas" only."Atharv Ved" is supposed to be the originator of Tantra.

Tantra works faster than Mantra and Yantra and doesn't have much disciplines.It can be performed by any one and that's why you can find Tantrik's easily.The only boundation to the Tantra is that you need to feed the God whom you are worshiping on timely basis.A small delay in that may cause life loss to the Tantrik.

Tantra is very famous in India and best of the Tantrik's are found in "Bangal" .Bangali Tanrik's are well known for their Tantra art.It is said that a true Tantrik can change the environment,stop the rain,call the rain,lighten the candle and many other impossible things.He can challenge the Nature and can make changes in them but conditioned he should be a Master of this Art.With the development of science and technology this Art is getting vanished.Today people don't believe in this art but reality is that this art still exists.

Indian scriptures are divided into two categories i.e. "Agama" which are revelations and secondly "Nigama" which are Traditions.Tantra is Agama which detonates that it is the part of Vedas only.

Every year Tantrik's need to renew their powers on the Day of "Dusshera" .This was the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana.Ravana was one of the most powerful person on this earth who with his powers controlled all the Tantra Powers.So when Lord Rama killed him all the powers got free and from that day Tantrik's has to worship their powers again on the same day to restore them.For this Tantrik's need to go to the graveyard during that night and need to worship for the whole night.

Types of Tantra:

There are three types of Tantra :
A)Satwik Tantra:Satwik in Hindi refers to satisfaction and peace thus Satwik Tantra refers to helping the person in pain.Satwik Tantrik's help people by removing their problems permanently.These Tantrik's are the one who are the strong followers of God and believe in Humanity.They generally don't charge money for this and do it for the welfare of society.Some examples of this are : Nazar Utarna,Bhoot Badha Bhagana and others.

B)Rajsik Tantra:Rajsik in Hindi refers to quality and comfort.This Tantra helps to get the material comfort in life like money,care,furniture and others.This is a neutral Tantra which every one wants to get done because this life is full of unlimited demands.

C)Tamsik Tantra or Aghor Tantra:Tamsik in Hindi refers to anger and war.This is the most worst form of Tantra and most of the people believe that this is the "Real Tantra".This Tantra is used to kill someone,to hurt someone,to control soul's and ghost's, to make business loss to someone,to tie someone's home or business.In easy terms we can say that this Tantra is performed to hurt someone either physically,financially or mentally.Most of the people are afraid of this and the only reason why Tantra is treated as inhuman is the result of this only.

Tantra Refers to power and this is originated from Lord Shiva because he is supposed to be the owner of all such powers.Most of the Tantrik's believe "Lord Bhairav" for such acts as Bhairav Ji is one of the most powerful God and moves ahead in all the God's.The Tantrik's has to make "Mashan Bhairv" happy before starting.

Powers of a Tantrik:
A)He can change the weather
B)He can call the Rain
C)He can make a person alive.
D)He can see the hidden treasure.
E)He can call soul's and ghosts and can see them too.
F)He can kill someone with his Tantra
G)He can make a person ill.
H)He can even kill the Ghosts.
I)He can move any where any time in seconds.
J)He can tell past,present and future.
K)He can burn candle or lights without flame.
L)He can force the souls or ghosts to work for him.
M)He can call souls in body of a Human.
N)He can challenge the Nature.

Above mentioned all are the powers of Tantra but i personally don't feel that as on date some real Tantrik's are left or not.I have met many Tantrik's and Baba's but could not see them doing anything except the few.There are some Tantrik's who cannot do some impossible things as mentioned above but can tell about past ,present and future,call souls,talk to souls and can do many things.

Thats all for today on Tantra.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indian Paranormal Powers-Meaning and Explanation Of Yantra

Yesterday we discussed that what "Mantra" is all about.Its types and usages and right ways of chanting.

Today i will mention in detail about "Yantra" its types and procedures.

Meaning of Yantra:

"Yantra" is an integral and important factor in Indian Mythology which gives instant results.In Hindi Language "Yantra" means Machine or device.Yantra is purely a mathematical calculation based object which drives to results.Every God or Goddesses has his or her own unique Yantra.A Yantra Depicts both Macrocosmic and Microcosmic forces acting together - the movement towards and away from the Centre - "Control" and "Liberation" within the on device.Matra and Yantra together creates Tantra.In some disciplines of Tantra it is said that a focused , controlled gaze upon a particular Yantra may lead to liberation.

Yantra's are objective focused but needs great discipline.Even a small mistake will not give result.These Yantra's are basically worshiped for wealth,business enlargement,peace of mind and protection from evil powers.

Types of Yantra:

A)Pata Yantra:
"Pata Yantra" is one which is designed on a thin sheet of Brass,copper,silver or gold.These are most commonly used in India and are easily available .Before setting up them at home it is very necessary to select the right time which in hindi is known as "Shubh Muharat".They are supposed to be worshiped daily and they are very effective too.

B)Meru Yantra:
"Meru" in hindi language refers to "Back" and this Yantra is in shape of a Pyramid.This Pyramid shaped Yantra is kept on the back of a copper made Tortoise.This yantra is highly effective and works faster than any other thing.The reason why Tortoise is used is because once upon a time God's and Evil's had a fight regarding who will take the treasure laid inside the oceans.In the ocean there was a Pot which was full of Necter(Amrit-Water which some one drinks never dies) and God knew this thing that if evils will get it then they will destroy the earth.So they decided mutually to share the stuff.But to drill the ocean they needed some hard base and for this purpose they took a big size tortoise and put a big stone on his back and starting drilling the ocean and many amazing things started coming out and from that day only "Meru Yantra" was formed.Tortoise is supposed to be the symbol of peace and prosperity and pyramid removes the negative energy.Positive vibes make the environment lighter and relaxed.

Classification of Yantra:

According to Shastras, Yantras are divided into Seven types which are used accordingly.

A)Sharir Yantra :- There are six chakras in the body, through which Kundalini is awakened. These are specific Yantras for each Chakra which are worn or used accordingly. Each Yantra carries seperate mantras which if recited indicates different gains. These are called Sharir Yantras.

B)Dharn Yantra :- As the name indicates, these Yantras are worn on different parts of the body for specific use. They bestow the results when used accordingly. There are several such Yantras and methods.

C)Asan Yantra :- Such Yantras are kept under Aasna at the time of Sadhana. These bears fruits early than other Yantras These are Yantras which are placed in temples, in the foundation of houses, used as Devas as mentioned earlier. Such Yantras are kept under every Deva for early good results.

D)Mandal Yantra :- In this the Sadhakas are made to sit in the shape of Yantras itself. Nine persons take part in it. One sits in the centre, four persons in four directions and others recite other mantras. The Sadhana with this Yanra bears fruit early.

E)Pooja Yantra : - We have earlier indicated that Tantras are installed in temples and Pooja is performed. Actually these Yantras are of a different devas. Such Yantras are installed in many ways namely:-

While installing the idols of Devas, the Yantras are written in digits and accordingly while performing pooja, the names of respective Devas are recited. The Muslims write 786 which is a digital Yantra for the word "Bisam Allah".

In Yantra, the name of Deva is written in the centre and pooja is performed.

Some Yantras are prepared while writing the mantras, in such case, we write full mantras some where, at other place the first words of mantras are written, whereas in other cases we write Beej mantras only.

On some yantras the photos of Devas and Devi etc are pasted or drawn and pooja is performed.

In Such yantras colours are used in the pictures of Devas etc.

F)Chhatar Yantra:- The above yantras enuomerated at Serial 1 to 5 are writeten at the place where you sit, on at the roof top, on the Skull etc and are Called Chhatar Yantras. These yantras are kept under turbon, hat, or in a Cloth which is kept always with the man as towel etc or be kept in a pocket.

G)Darshan Yantras:- These are yantras, which are if seen by the Sadhaka, he is benefitted. Or the place where these are installed or worn, blesses the native with Success. In India there are places where purified yantras are installed and those places are very powerful to mitigate the rtroubles and evils of the people if pooja is performed there. In temples of Jagan Nath Puri, Ishairon Yantra and in Shri Nath Dwar is installed Sudarshan yantra etc

Symbols Used in Yantra:

Generally Yantra contains squares,rectangles,triangles and some flower style patterns.

Few Symbols are as follows:

A)Lotus Flower:Lord Brahma the creator of this Universe took birth on Lotus Flower and hence before making any Yantra first lotus flower is made.This indicated dedication towards the generator or universe.Lotus Flowers basically represents Chakra's.Each petal has a different outlook or view.

B)A Dot: Dot represents the starting of creation of infinity which in other words is unexpressed cosmos.

C)Shatkona:Shatkona means 6 edges.The best example to this is Star.Upward facing detonates action or extroversion and downward facing detonates introversion or energy.

D)Swastik:This is a Holy symbol of Indians.This represents good luck,charm,prosperity and positivism.

E)Beej Mantra:In every Yantra there would be a Mantra which provides power to the Yantra.A Mantra less than 10 Words is known as "Beej Mantra".

Some commonly used Yantra's in India:

A)Shree Yantra(For Prosperity)
B)Kuber Yantra(For Wealth)
C)Ganpati Lakshmi Yantra(For Wealth and Satisfaction)
D)Durghatna Nashak Yantra(For safety from Accidents)
E)Vidhya Varidhinam Suyantram(For Education)

That is all for today.

Tomorrow i would sharing the details of Tantra .

For any Queries do write back.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indian Paranormal Powers-Meaning and Explanation Of Mantra

Although Paranormal Studies in India is vast and vivid and now this art is on the verge of churn as people today due to development of science and technology take least interest in such things.

In India Paranormal Powers are categorized into three forms:


Meaning Of Mantra:
"Mantra" is the most part of Indian Mythology, Black Magic and spiritual intervention.People in India don't start any activity before chanting Mantra's.Mantra's are supposed to be a power or energy that gives a human strength to commence something.There is a specific caste in India which is known as "Brahmin".They are the one who perform such religious activities.Mantra's are very useful in day to day activities.Mantra's can be used for both Human and Inhuman activities.Mantra has a great significance in the Life of Indian's.

Types Of Mantra:

There are Many types of Mantra:

A)Vedic Mantra:
Vedic mantra's are those which are derived out of Ancient Veda's viz Samved,Ahtarva Ved,Yajurv Ved,Rigveda.These mantra's are very Holy and are used during "Yagya".Yagya is buring wood with dry cow dung,Butter milk ,some cereals and grains.Chanting of Vedic Mantra's with Yagya removes the negative energy and clears the environment.It also gives the strength and power to the one who has conduct the Yagya.Vedica Mantra's are thousand of years old and require great discipline.If Vedic Mantra's are not chanted properly then they don't work at all.A person should be educated and dedicated and must believe in powers of God to use them.A person has to be very calm and simple during this time and he must wear Dhoti and Janeu to complete the activity.As per the Indian Mythology a person is not supposed to perform Yagya or chant Mantra's without the above mentioned things but now a days very less people follow this and in result they don't get the desired results.Vedic Mantra's are in Sanskrit Language.All the Vedic Mantra's starts with OM which in itself is universe.All the seven sounds comes in OM and before every Mantra this is applied.If OM is not prefixed before the Mantra then the Mantra is incomplete and is not frutiful.

B)Beej Mantra:
In Hindi "Beej" is known as "Seed" so clear from the term that Mantra which contains 9 or less characters is known as "Beej Mantra".Mantra having more than 10 and less than 20 words is known as "Mantra" and Above 20 one is known as "Maha Mantra" or "Grand Mantra".Beej Mantra is like adding power to the Mantra's.They are small but do wonders.They give the real energy to Mantra's and just because of them Mantra's become more powerful and give instant results.

C)Tantrik Mantra:
"Tantrik Mantra" are the Manntra's which give instant results.Although there is not explanation in indian scriptures too about the Tantrik Mantra's but they are really very effective.As shared in my last post Tantrik has to undergo a different procedure and that is something which even God doesn't appreciates.Tantrik Mantra works faster than normal one but don't work for long.Tantrik mantra's cannot be practiced by everyone because they can impact negatively too.These Mantra's are always kept secret and none where in detail is mentioned about them.Tantrik Mantra's can be obtained only from the one who is already a Tantrik.Also it is advised to make distance from such Mantra's because this is considered wrong as per the humanity.

D)Aghori or Shabar Mantra:
Shabar or Aghori Mantra's are the one which don't have a specified format.They do not have any interconnection of words.These Mantras are generally formulated by magicians in their own local languages.Although all the above mentioned mantra's will have some significance but in case of these Mantra's the logic of words is Nil.You will unable to understand the meaning of them.But as far as the performance is concerned they are the most powerful Mantra's.They really work faster than any other Mantra.Generally used by villagers now a days.

Classification of Mantra:

Mantra is classified into three different categories:

A)Satwik :These Mantra's are related to Soul upliftment,purification of Soul,Art of Living,Peace and other mentally satisfying factors.

B)Rajsik:These Mantra's are related to materialistic things like improving standard of living,more income sources,business upliftment and other things that give comfort to human being.

C)Tamsik:These Mantra's are negative working.These mantra's are used to hurt someone,making business loss to someone or to kill someone.

People today even after the growth in science believe in Worships and mantra's.I am born in a Hindu family and i have not met even a single person in 26 years of age who said that i don't believe in God.I have even noticed that whenever people pass a temple they tilt their head down.Even i do that.Many people say the we pray God daily but we don't get desired results, the answer to this is that the way we chant the Mantra's are not correct.

We all talk so much daily but we must know that as per the Indian Mythology whatever we speak doesn't reaches only till the ear of the other person but that talk goes in the universe and keeps on moving and some or other day when we listen the same sentence from some one it vanishes.Thats why it is said to be quiet and to analyze.In India "Moun Vrata" is kept which means a person keeps silent for 24 hrs and trust me this Fast is the best out of all.This is because what we think stays in our mind only and we go in depth to understand the core of that thought.

Now coming back to the point why Mantra's are not effective? Why they don't give results?
The answer to this is "SAMPUT"."SAMPUT" is like a Railway Engine.The Way Engine pulls the rest of the train the same way "Samput" pulls the Mantra and sends it to the ultimate destination.So when we chant mantra's they go in Universe and keeps on moving but if "Samput" added they will enter our body and will give us the favorable results.The Way to make a Mantra adding OM in the beginning is important , the same way adding "Samput" to a Mantra gives life to mantra and it enters our body.

Eg:If the Mantra is : Sham Sham Om then it should be readed as Om Rhim Shrim Hum Klim Sham Sham OM.

"Samput" necessarily is not needed to be added in the beginning but any where in the Mantra.At the beginning , in the Middle or even at the End too.

Scriptures are never wrong or ineffective but this is we who don't know the process to use them.

Tomorrow i would be sharing the meaning and explanation on "Yantra".

For any queries do write me back.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Magic - Meaning and Its Concepts.

It has always been a topic of dilemma for everyone that what Black Magic is ? Who can perform Black Magic ? What are the Consequences of Black Magic ? What is the Myth behind the Black Magic ? Is it Real ? and many others.On the topic i would like to share something with you all.So let's start with it.

Meaning of Black Magic:

Black Magic is as Old as our civilization is.Black Magic has basically been defined in two different ways:
A)It is a bunch of Negative Energy that a person flows in the body of other and this ways it hurts or make another person anxious and sometimes he dies too.
B)Some Said that the Magician worship their Evil God and on request that God or his juniors does the job.

I personally had many reviews and meetings with Tantrik's and Saint's and i got to know that the second definition is more relevant.Magicians worship their Evil God and after making him happy and settled they ask him to do whatever they wish.Black Magic is all about getting a person's desired work done by creating problem for other person.Black Magic is not a solution to the problem but is an other problem for solution.

Who is a Magician or Tantrik :

Tantrik is a person who perform activities which are not in benefit of the World.He is a person who actually accumulates negative energy and utilizes it for inhuman works.Tantrik is the only person who can actually see the Ghosts and Souls.He has a very hard life.Tantrik is very short aged and restless.Tantrik's do all these kind of activities for money. They cannot remove the problem permanently but they just put your bundle of problems on someone and in return gets a weired life ofcourse money is also there.

Powers of a Tantrik:

A) He can Kill Someone and make him alive again only if he the dead body is not burnt.
B) He can hurt someone.
C) He can ruin business of anyone.
D) He can kill the kid's in mother's womb.
E) He can Tie anyone's home.
F) He can make anyone insane.
G) He can call soul's and ghost's.
H) He can order the powers to work for him.
I) He can forcefully transfer a soul in the body of another person.

How a person can be a Black Magician or Tantrik:

To become a Tantrik or Black Magician a person first of all needs to select a Perfect Teacher or Guru who can guide in well and save him from the risks.

Once a teacher is found the upcoming tantrik is supposed to spend many nights in graveyard or Samshan Ghat.This activity is done to remove his fears.It is said that a person who can spend 7 nights in a graveyard and concentrates becomes aloof.He has then no link with the human emotions or feelings.In India this feeling is known as "Vairagya" which means a person who is not concerned for anything happening with him or around.He don't even care for his family even.

Later on Guru or Teacher teaches him the most essential life saving mantra which is known as "Keelni"."Keelni" is the most important and highly powerful entity in the world of Black Magic.None of the Tantrik starts his operations before worshiping this power.To conquer this power they have to worship for around 41 days and has to dedicate Alcohol and Raw meat and this continues for 41 days.During the time frame he meets accidents,Night mares and many other problematic things but he has to continue if he wants to be a True Black Magician.After the completion of this period they get the power.

Importance of "Keelni" Power:

"Keelni" is the most important tool that a Black magician should have during his activities.This is because it provides a Security frame to the Black Magician.When a Tantrik asks his powers to perform some act the powers go with immediate effect and completes the tasks but if the other person has got some security or he is in some place where that power can not enter then that power will return and will impact the same on the Tantrik and this may harm Tantrik.To save themselves in case of return impact ,before ordering the powers the Tantrik's ask "Keelni" by tying a Security circle which in hindi is known as "KAR BANDHNA" to protect them.So in case if the powers are unable to perform their activities on the desired person they cannot harm the Tantrik and return to their respective places after 2 minutes.

Consequences of being a Tantrik:

As mentioned above a Tantrik can perform multiple tasks but these tasks are not at all fruitful for him neither for the person who requests him to do so.A Tantrik if kills some one with his powers lives his life in a very pathetic manner .Before last 6 months of death a Tantrik badly suffers physically and last 13 days of his life are most cruel.During last 13 days a Tantrik can see worms eating his body and flesh but he cannot get the treatment for them and dies without water.

This is all for today.

Tomorrow i would again be coming with more information on Black Magic.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Explanation on What are Indian Paranormal Activities?

India has a strong background of Mythology.But this has always been a question mark to everyone that what exactly this Mythology is all about? We take birth as a human being and with growth in life we try to learn more and more on vivid topics.It has always been a point of discussion that whether something else also exists in this Universe which is not accepted,explained and justified by science.Human try his best to unfold the mystery but his mental square stops him to think beyond the circle he is into.

Most of us believe that God Exists,some pray in the from God,Goddess,Jesus Christ and many other ways and some don't believe in them at all.I completely agree with those who really don't believe in God but i am in doubt about those who believe in God.This is because there are many people who say that God Exists but Ghosts,Souls,Witches,Dracula,Vampire etc doesn't exist why so? My point is when you have not seen the God but still you trust him and feel his presence then why don't you believe in the above said stuff.The way you are unable to see The God the same way you are unable to see those evil powers as well.We are unable to see them but they exist.This is because we believe that those said powers are Negative and can harm us but we are wrong.The way Sun sets and moon comes,Day ends and night comes same ways God exists and evil too.This is we who need to understand in core depth the real reason behind the mystery.

Origination of Paranormal Powers:

As per the Indian Mythology before the origination of this Universe there was a single power which was known as "Ashtang Shakti".This power created Three God's in starting :

A)Lord Brahma
B)Lord Vishnu
C)Lord Shiva

Firstly the power generated Lord Brahma on the Lotus Flower and asked him to merry to which Lord Brahma denied and in result he was destroyed and converted into ASH by the Super Power.

Secondly the power generated Lord Vishnu on the Snake and asked him to merry to which Lord Vishnu also denied and in result he was also destroyed and converted into ASH.

Thirdly the power generated Lord Shiva on Mountain and asked him to merry and also told that if you would not merry then i would destroy and convert you into the ash too as the way other two are.Lord Shiva agreed to the Super Power and requested them to make both the dead God's alive before the wedding.To this Super Power alive both the God's and Lord Shiva married the Power.

This ways the God's were originated.Then our Earth created and each God was given a different responsibility:
A)Lord Brahma-The Creator
B)Lord Vishnu-The Operator
C)Lord Shiva-The Destroyer.

They created the Human's,Animals,Trees,Mountains and everything we see around and as per the guidelines they fulfill their responsibilities.

Lord Brahma Created 9 different Categories to life which were:

1)Dev-The Junior God's
2)Danav-The Devils.
3)Nar-We the Human's
4)Pishacha-The Ghosts who live by drinking human Blood.
5)Kinnar-The one who are not male nor Female.
6)Gandharva-The one who justifies truth or false.
7)Yaksh-The God of Death
8)Kuber-The God of Wealth.
9)Digpal-The One who manages day and night.

Above mentioned few comes in the category of God and few in Devil's .

Will be coming with more information on the subject by tomorrow.

Feel free to clear your Doubts by writing me back.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introduction to New Blog-Super Natural Powers.

Unseen Rajasthan Paranorman Special - Limited Edition Blog has been started to share the knowledge which most of the people on this earth don't believe.This blog is all about Super Natural Power's,Black Magic,Magician's and those stuff which are still in doubt and are unresolved by science and technology.In This Blog i would be sharing the information which i have gathered from many sources and studies.Every information here would be related to India only and i would love to share this information with all who will visit this Blog.This project is taken in hand's because of the Great Demand about such information by many and a Big response on my "Aghori " post.

The information provided on this Blog is the gathered from different resources like Books,personal reviews,experience's and many priests and magician's.Hope you all would enjoy this Blog too.